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embedded ssl

What are yaSSL and CyaSSL?
Is Support available?
What License is yaSSL covered by?
Is a FLOSS exception available?
Which yaSSL technology should I use?
Are there examples of how to use yaSSL?
Does TaoCrypt support Stream Ciphers?
Where can I find out more about SSL in general?
How do I hear about new releases?
Is there a forum for yaSSL products?

What is yaSSL's general Architecture?
How does yaSSL use cryptography?
How does yaSSL use CryptoPP?
How does yaSSL use TCP/IP?
How does yaSSL use certificates?

What is yaSSL's Input/Output strategy?
Why does yaSSL use factories?
What policies does yaSSL use?
How does this all fit together?

OpenSSL compatibility:
Are yaSSL and CyaSSL compatible with OpenSSL?
Which OpenSSL structs are supported?
Which OpenSSL functions are supported?
What about x509 Certificates?

API Reference:
Is there an overview of the TaoCrypt API?
How about yaSSL?

Quick, How do I build yaSSL?
Is yaSSL Thread Safe?
Does yaSSL do Session Caching?
How does yaSSL use Memory?
Which Cipher Suites does yaSSL Support?
I don't want any C++ symbols, can you help?